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Project Inception Meeting with Girls First Fund

STI received funding from Girls First Fund through Capital for Goods USA whose overall objective is towards improvement of the lives of girls and prevent or respond to child marriage/early marriage unions. As part of kick starting activity implementation, STI organized a project stakeholder’s inception meeting to share with stakeholders on the project goal and also enlist their support towards the achievement of the project goal. Building relationships with all stakeholders associated with the campaign to promote the rights of the girls is an important milestone in ensuring that the project succeeds and achieves its objectives entirely. Therefore it is very important that a district stakeholders` meeting to share the project details is paramount to avoid any suspicion.

Objective of the Meeting

  • To carry out an all stakeholders awareness meeting with the purpose of wining both political and technical support towards the project
  • To introduce the project to all relevant stakeholders
STI Board Chairperson Addressing Stakeholders
Stakeholders Listening to the Project Details
STI-CEO addressing the stakeholders

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