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Mobilization and support of young people’s farmers’ movement to engage with the district, MAAIF, MWE, and NFA to advocate for public financing for agriculture during world environmental week.

The activity was implemented in 3 districts of Sebei sub region Kapchorwa, Bukwo and Kween targeting 60 young farmers and 4 duty bearers per district with the aim of mobilizing young farmers with the district, MAAIF, MWE, and NFA to advocate for public financing for agriculture during world environmental week to ensure that their potential is harnessed for greater good of society especially in promoting good governance, social accountability and democracy.
Participants were mobilized from the three districts especially the project areas of ActionAid Uganda for example in Kapchorwa sub-counties with sponsored children (Kapteret, and Kaplelko), Kween district and sub-counties with sponsored children (Kitawoi, Kaptoyoy, Kapkoch, Kitany, Benet, Tukumo, Kapteng, Likil, Kwosir, Chemanga, Tuikat, Tambajja, Toswo and Chepayakaniet and Mokoyo and in Bukwo District and sub-counties with sponsored children including; Tulel, Kamet, Kabei, Brim and Kortek.
Focus group discussions was used as a mode of delivery to enable young farmers discuss and rise issues affecting agriculture and climate change in their districts without our influence and how best duty bearers would support them fill the existing gaps in advocating for public financing for agriculture.


  • To link young farmers to duty bearers to demand for increase in public financing for agriculture
  • To empower youth to advocate for creation of a supportive socio-cultural, economic and political environment that will empower them to be partners in development.
  • To identify and understand youth challenges in agriculture
  • The youth farmers engaged with the aim of building their capacity on seeking, analyzing, and utilizing information, to demand and hold leaders accountable and consequently improving service delivery outcomes especially in agriculture and addressing climate change.
  • STI with support from ActionAid is creating both physical and virtual platforms to discuss issues of youth and propose solutions together hence increasing their participation in the development process.
District secretary Production urging young farmers to stop lamenting and take advantage of the already existing Government support such as Emyooga, Parish development model and youth livelihood program to finance agriculture.

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