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Creating a safe space for Bi-annual Mentorship and coaching elected women leaders on transformative feminist leadership.

This activity targeted 129 women leaders of all categories that`s to say; youth councils, PWDS, Women Councilors, 2 Chairpersons’ LCV, RDC Bukwo and community representatives from sponsorship and non- sponsorship communities of Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo districts. It was aimed at facilitating safe mentorship and coaching spaces for elected women leaders on transformative feminist leadership to ensure that stereotypes that prevent women from participating in leadership and decision-making spaces are addressed.

Group and plenary discussions were used as a mode of delivery to enable women leaders discuss, be coached and mentored in a created safe space for elected women leaders on transformative feminist leadership with the aim of dismantling gender-based discrimination and stereotypes, promoting gender equality in all aspects of life, and ensuring that women have the same opportunities and rights as men in leadership.

Specific objectives of the activity

  • To equip women with the necessary leadership skills and tools to challenge existing power structures and promote gender equality.
  • To cultivate self-awareness, self-confidence, and resilience among women leaders.
  • To empower women to enhance communication, negotiation, and advocacy skills for effective gender-responsive leadership.
  • To create a supportive network of women leaders, fostering collaboration and solidarity.

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