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I’m Harriet Yeko, 23 years old living in Tukumo. Despite the fact that I had received some education upto S.4, I messed up and became pregnant at the age of 18years which brought living hell onto me. I was still dependent and could not manage myself alone, (I mean I couldn’t buy a thing on my own for myself), the man responsible for my pregnancy declined to offer any help and my parents were furious with me.

Sabiny Transformative Initiative in collaboration with Girls First Fund came to my rescue when they visited our community with the aim of providing Skills in Tailoring which took 3 months and after which they provided us with Sewing Machines to utilize in the quest for cash, and an active way of living without begging. During the 3 months tailoring training, STI also did economic independence training including strategies to save the money we earned.

I happily went back home to the village, where I was able to set up my personal workspace, I started working; sewing and marketing and actually started earning good money and gaining the trust of the community. I have been able to buy many things I didn’t have including for example nice oils and good food for my child. I am now fair, independent and happy. Just that there are other girls like me who were unable to get the same chance as me before but do need the same help I received from STI, I do request STI to come back and give a hand, change the lives of the many girls. I actually earn about 15,000 UGX daily from my clients with capacity.  

Harriet Yeko in her Tailoring Shop (one of a Kind in her area of Residence) after narrating her ordeal and what STI did for her.

My name is Chelangat Kerine Aged 18 years, from Kapting Village, Kapting Parish, Kaptoyoy Sub-county. I had lost hope after studying up to senior four and did not do well. My parents wanted to force me into marriage because they said that, they no longer had money. Honestly my family is so needy, no school fees, lock down affected me and I was hopeless. However, my hope was restored when the Child Protection Committees and my area local council leaders identified me and linked me for tailoring training with Support from Sabiny Transformation Initiative. I have already learnt how to measure, cut, sew and make children’s dresses, shorts and Shirts. I committed to complete this course and teach more girls who have suffered like me. Thank you Girls First Fund for this generosity. There are many more girls suffering in my community. Sabiny Transformation Initiative is doing a tremendous Job in addressing and preventing early child marriages.

As I speak, I am a mother, my dreams where shattered as I stayed home pregnant. My father and mother failed to provide for me and was lured into early sex after eating his chapatti frequently and had to pay using my body. My parents hated me but kept using bitter words says Cheptoyek Lincy aged 18 years from Chepyakaniet village, Chepyakaniet Parish, Binyiny Sub-county. I studied up to senior one and dropped out because my father failed to pay fees. Whenever I was sent home severally for fees and he kept telling me, he had no money and my father switched off his phone, refused to request school authorities to allow me study, my father discriminated against me, we were three sisters, my other sisters where taken to town schools, he discriminated against me and I lost hope in school, I stayed home and was expected to repeat senior one, I got pregnant, my mother abused me, used not eat and decided to elope with my boyfriend as a child aged 16 years. The family of the boy mistreated me. My parents were so abusive, whenever the baby cries, they told me to take away the baby, eating was a challenge. When I was selected to be a beneficiary of this training on tailoring as a child mother, relief came to my heart, told God thank you for this opportunity. From the day I started training my parents have respected me. I have worked hard and learnt what our trainer is taking us through and ready to start my own business and ready to train other girls.

I got pregnant because of my parent’s irresponsibility of sending me to collect milk from Binyiny to Butaria a distance of 10 kilometers from home alone without protection. In 2020, I was in senior three in Kween Modern, lock down started and I stayed home for two years. Every day I would go for milk and I met a young man who followed me downhill and raped me when I was 17 years and I got pregnant (My child is six months old). My mother kept abusing me and after a meeting of parents at Chepyakaniet organized by Sabiny Transformation Initiative, she came back and apologized for the mistakes and abuses she had subjected me to. I had already given up with school and this opportunity came in handy, for I have acquired skills in tailoring and ready to start my own business. I thank STI and her funders for this opportunity that has given me a lifeline. My future plan is to start my own business. Thank you Girls First Fund for this opportunity.

My name is Chekwemboi Joy 18 years from Kapchekwerop village, Tabakon Parish, Binyiny Sub-county. I should have been in senior two, lock down come, returned to school and a second lockdown came. As I was home, I was disillusioned and frustrated, no pocket money and failed to meet basic necessities. A young man offered me and demanded for sex in exchange, I got pregnant and the young man ran away. The case was reported to police, their family refused to come. My parents abused me (my baby now is 7 months old) and told me that my education has ended. When I was selected for this training, my dreams came true because, I have a baby to vend for and my parents had already told me that my education had ended. I gladly took on this opportunity and my future is now bright. I have learnt to tailor and make clothing and look forward to completing the course, start my own business and train other girls. Thank you GFF and Sabiny Transformation Initiative.

Chebet Shauline is my name, am 19 years old from Bebecheberom village, Kono Parish and Binyiny Sub-county. I studied up to senior four but failed to sit examinations due to sickness. I was sickly, stayed home and forgot about school since my father told me that he no longer had money for me to go back to school. I have been staying home for the last 2 years and yet was not ready for marriage. My destiny helper located me and when I was selected for the training, I received it with two hands and I gladly say, am training and ready to face the future since I have hands on skills. I am happy for the opportunity and ask God to increase the resource envelope of Sabiny Transformation Initiative and GFF.

My future was robbed from me when I was 14 years says Yvonne Cheruto aged 16 years from Kapting Village, Kapting Parish, Kaptoyoy Sub-county. My education has been the most challenging. When I was in Primary Seven, I passed with flying colors after getting aggregates ten and the director Ebenezer Primary School promised to pay fees for me. My parents took me to St Michael Girls but failed to pay fees and I was sent home daily. Stayed home due to lack of fees and was told to sell alcohol. One day one customer squeezed me and had sex with me. I became hopeless and just felt like killing my-self but was saved by a CPC member who kept counselling me and when I was selected for training, I gladly accepted it since my future was blick. I want to follow this line of tailoring and forge my future along this, working hard to start my own business. Thank you for this opportunity.

Chebet Matrine 20 years, from Kewawrong, Kapting village, Kaptoyoy Sub-county studied up to S4, got pregnant before sitting exams, ran away from home but was searched and came back to sit examinations when pregnant. After examinations, my parents sent me away and I stayed with my grandmother. When this opportunity came through STI, it got me confused where to start life from, my parents have been pushing for me to get married but was not ready. This opportunity came at the right time. I have taken this training seriously, start my business and start a boutique. Thank you for this opportunity.

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