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Dear  Donor/Supporter/good will ambassador,

Welcome to Sabiny Transformation Initiative website, We are glad that, you will be one of those willing to support a just cause of helping a life survive here in Uganda, particularly Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo Districts on the following painful issues;

         1. You cannot move in the communities without witnessing a family that sleeps without food in Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo districts. 1 out of 20 households is at risk of starvation and homelessness. If you donated 10, 20, 50 or 100 dollars plus, it can feed a hungry soul or can dress a child walking naked in the camp or can enable a household start an income generating activity.

         2. Every 9 girls out of 10 are at risk of getting married before the age of 18 years in my community as a result of FGM/C and teenage pregnancies because their families are unable to feed them or keep them in school. Please make a donation of 200 dollars to keep the girl child in school and they will live to achieve their dreams.

         3.You cannot imagine that 60 out of every 100 women are at risk of sexual gender based violence because they are not economically empowered, if you donated 300 dollars, it can enable a woman start up a business and stop relying on men for financial support.

Sabiny Transformation Initiative provides such solutions. For the last six years our organization has taken a clear and honest look at the problems of early child marriages, girl child dropping out of school, children walking naked, families sleeping hungry, homelessness, women and girls forced into FGM/C and women subjected to Sexual Gender Based Violence. Advocacy and supporting the plight of these women and girls is at the heart of our organizations mission. Sabiny Transformation Initiative has been at the forefront of analyzing the causes and conditions, establishing pragmatic and compassionate programmes to relieve and address the suffering, forging new methods of intervention, and advancing the fight for more support from the public and government spheres.

However, upholding and fulfilling some of these interventions requires a substantive financial support. All the work we have undertaken has been successful as a result of good will from both government and generous donors/supporters.

We are writing today, therefore to ask you to reflect on these problems and then consider the value and necessity of the work we do. We therefore request for your generous support to enable us undertake these activities and support the most affected women and girls and give them a smile in their faces.

Thank you

Sabiny Transformation Initiative Team 

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