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Our Approach

In our approach, therefore we will mobilise individuals to harness power within, others to enhance collective action in power with others and power to get the vice outlawed and denounced in Sebei communities. We will integrate strong and participatory power analysis in our interventions to understand the different dimensions of power and collectively agree on how to transform and make power more visible and challenge the injustices that comes with it.

The Human Rights Based Approach

A human rights-based approach will define our way of working. We will build on the progress made during the last strategy period and focusing on building and deepening understanding among staff, partners, and beneficiaries that ending poverty and injustice can only happen if the rights of the poor and marginalized  people are protected, promoted and fulfilled recognizing that they hold these rights by virtue of being human.

We will champion the rights of women and girls in all what we do taking cognizance that gender is a universal predictor of poverty and that the underlying causes of poverty and injustice are gendered. Women and girls suffer inequalities in access to and control of production resources, in political participation, are more vulnerable in emergencies and conflicts. They also shoulder the burden for care and support at household and in communities. The sexual and reproductive health rights of Women and girls are violated due to power imbalances within households, communities and institutions. On the other hand, we have also seen the powerful transformative effects of advancing women and girls’ rights

Promoting Rights of Women and Girls

Building Solidarity with Other Organizations for effective advocacy

Addressing structural causes of poverty and injustice will require engagement of those who hold the power to decide wherever they are located. We will move beyond Sebei Sub-region to link our work with peoples, groups and movements in order to amplify the voices of the poor and increase the pressure for change. Our role will be to strengthen the capacity of women/girls and help them build solidarity with other groups, alliances and movements beyond their locality through building evidence base, create awareness on their conditions, mobilise them to challenge all forms of injustice and build resilience

Respect, promotion and enforcement of human rights can only be achieved and sustained when those whose rights are denied are at the forefront of holding those who have a duty to do so accountable. STI has learnt that evidence-based advocacy gives it legitimacy to engage, relate and demand for accountability. This will focus on all service delivery areas of health, education, infrastructure, water, livelihoods and community empowerment projects such as, UWEP, YLP and Economic Empowerment Initiatives.

Build Evidence for Advocacy