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who we are

Our Identity


“To transform communities into strong, united and influential development partners at local national and global stage were women/girls are given equal treatment and are allowed to equally participated in decision making processes”.


“To promote gender equality through giving women/girls a platform to speak up, participate and benefit from decision making processes’’

Our Values

Unity and hardwork

Requiring us to recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity by harnessing individual skills/competencies and work together towards the organizational goal or purpose and promote mutual accountability.

Faith and Prudence

Requiring us to work to ensure equal opportunity to everyone, women, men, youth and children to exploit their full potential. Ensuring that our work impacts the lives of women/girls and general society.

Integrity and ethics

Being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions to all stakeholders in the quest to maintain credibility. We maintain good stewardship of financial, human and other resources with high level of integrity.


We respect all persons and ensure their self-worth irrespective of differences in Gender, Race, Color, ethnicity, religion, and ability or otherwise.


Sabiny Transformation Initiative (STI) was formed with a purpose to transform communities into a strong, united and influential partners in development. Our main agenda is to promote gender equality and equity, fight for women and girl child rights, eradicate poverty through income boost and capacity building, promote social justice and tranquility and encourage girls to stay at school as well as fighting early Child marriages. Sabiny Transformation Initiative was formed after the realization that the communities especially women and girls were wallowing in poverty and being afflicted by injustice calling for not only a collective action but also a strong voice of women and girls to address these deep-rooted challenges that were occasioned by societal injustices and male chauvinism. STI enjoys cordial working relationship with district stakeholders, development partners and the community especially women, men and girls. STI operates in the entire Sebei Subregion with its offices located in Plot 12, Union Building Kapchorwa Sironko Road.

Organization Structure

The structure of the organization is three fold; the General Assembly which is constituted by all registered and fully subscribed members and it is the overall organization supreme policy and decision making organ; the Advisory Board consisting of five members elected from the General Assembly and responsible for policy formulation and supervision of the secretariat; and finally the secretariat consisting of the technical staff who are responsible for implementation of the policies and day to day operations of the organization.

Our Role

Sabiny Transformation Initiative has played a crucial role in pushing for the realization of the basic human rights for women and girls since 2016.  STI advocacy efforts have yielded to the rights of women and girls being respected. STI is a household name in advocacy, Women participation in leadership and governance, women rights, children’s rights and economic empowerment of women in the sub-region.